Marketplaz is an online community cofounded by two great friends Chongwain Eldred,MD and Mr. Tabe Glenn, their friendship spanning over 8 years.

Having seen the difficulty farmers have in selling their products either due to bad roads or lack of a ready market, difficulties individuals and small business owners have in selling their products, how artists struggle to get their messages either through music or works of arts across to others, the idea of the creation of an online community MarketPlaz was borne.

The population of Africa is rapidly growing so too is the demand for goods and services. In fact within the next 10 years, Africa’s population may be over a billion people with the majority of the population comprising of youths. There is need for a community that can easily distribute goods and services locally and internationally. Marketplaz is the market for today and for the future.


Our Primary objective is to enable Hardworking individuals easily advertise and have their products safely delivered to distant locations without necessarily having transportation difficulties.

Connect farmers to the International market and by so doing promote exportation of African Agricultural products.

In addition, we intend to provide individuals the opportunity to easily sell, buy and exchange personal items.

We also offer artists the opportunity to upload their works or art and music on our platform.

We will provide a secure and reliable online platform where sellers can display their goods and customers can shop with easy and with absolute confidence.


It is our intention that within the next 10 years, Marketplaz would be one of Africa’s leading platforms where vendors/buyers would trade safely and easily.

Provide the most reliable online Market for Agricultural Products.

Be listed among the top 10 most reliable Online Platforms.

Employ Hundreds to thousands of Africans.

Mentor young entrepreneurs.

Provide the most reliable online Market for Agricultural Products.