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From the palm to your cup, your PEH DATE SUGAR is an all-round natural sweetener out of whole date fruits borne from the date palm. It has a delightful flavour and on that medicinal with a lot of minerals, vitamins as well as fibres. The high fibre content eases digestion and also slows down the absorption of sugar in the body, which is a good thing for people suffering from diabetes as well also for those who want to prevent it and much more. Dates reduces the risk of stroke other diseases of the cardiovascular system like heart attack and high blood pressure.

Dates boost energy and can also help you to maintain good health for your nervous system as well as for your bones, and much more. Date sugar rivals honey as a healthiest natural sweetener, especially if honey is heated. Your PEH DATE SUGAR is a healthier alternative to sweeten anything you are used to adding artificial sweeteners like tea, pan cakes, drinking garri, etc

This can help you to boost your overall health and prevent many diseases.


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