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Your PEH ORGANIC GINGER iS cultivated in our PEH- Garden without any form of chemicals. It can be consumed raw(fresh) as well as dried in powder form alone or in combination with other spices and herbs. Both the fresh and dried form can go as a tea or a spice in foods, snacks and drinks. Ginger has a very delicious and unique flavor that can add an enjoyable taste to all your foods and drinks.

Ginger is known to be a super-food with multiple health benefits. Ginger powder can help you in relieving chronic pains (e.g super general body pains, arthritis/rheumatism), and also headaches as well as menstrual pains. It eases digestion and also helps against gastritis and gastric ulcer, bloating as well as constipation.

Ginger boosts the immune system and helps fight bacteria and fungi infections. It can help you to maintain a good cardiovascular heart condition – lowers cholesterol, reduces blood pressure – and thus can help prevent diseases the cardiovascular system like stroke, and heart diseases. It is a natural cancer fighter and can also help prevent cancer. Ginger burns fat and it is beneficial for weight loss and much more.

If you are not consuming ginger daily, then please kindly reconsider it and add this incredible super-food to your foods, drinks, teas as well as to your snacks to give them a delightful taste and above all, to boast your overall health and prevent many diseases.



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