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Your PEH ORGANIC TURMERIC from your PEH-Garden is grown organically and processed without any chemical/artificial additives. One major advantage it has to offer for you is that. it is already mixed with black pepper. Turmeric is said to be the queen of spices and black pepper the king of spices. What is the advantage of combining the queen and king of spices as one product for you? Piperine, which is the active ingredient found in black pepper, helps to boast the absorption of curcumin by 200%. Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric and is responsible for most of the amazing health benefits of Turmeric so special.

Turmeric could be consumed as a spice in food, drank as a tea, applied directly on skin as it smooths the skin and also carries several benefits for the skin. Also, it is an excellent natural substance that facilitates the healing of wounds and can be applied directly to wounds.

People living with and those who want to prevent health challenges like diabetes, heart diseases, chronic pains (including arthritis/rheumatism), hypertension as well as cancer could profit tremendously from the numerous health benefits of turmeric and those of black pepper. Both are also very good to help for weight loss, turmeric especially to reduce belly fat.

Remember, Prevention is better and cheaper than cure- Health is Wealth

Be Healthier. PEH is at your service